Happy Child, Happy Family; If Not, What is Being Missed?

By Dr. Kanwal Chaudry MD, from Happy Kids Pediatrics July 3, 2023

When a child is sick, whether it is the common cold or something life-altering like cancer, the whole family is affected. Plans change, stress surfaces, trips are made to the doctor, school and work is missed, and so on. But what if the ailment is not so obvious as a physical illness? It will still affect the family. Think about the infant who is frequently fussy, won’t feed or sleep well. The parents are exhausted. What could it be? Teething? Maybe but probably not. Why? Because teething is a very natural physiological process. It should not cause this much stress. 

Think about the toddler with multiple temper tantrums, wants it done their way, struggles with bedtime, and will not accept ‘’no’’ for an answer. Strong-willed? Yes, very possibly. But what if there is something more to it? Would you want to know? Just to make sure? 

Then consider the preschooler. They love going to school. Once at school, teachers are trying to redirect frequently. The child will get out of their seat with the urge to run around and burn off some energy. Once back in their seat, now they need to play with their pencils, talk loudly, end up not hearing much of what the teacher said, and becoming pretty upset with a friend who just verbalized they no longer want their chair repeatedly kicked, which your child does not even know they are doing. 

Then what about the student who cannot make or keep friends. At home, they cannot finish chores, it takes 3 hours for a 20-minute assignment, they are easily frustrated and lose their temper quite easily, sibling rivalry is at its worst, and bedtime is a fight. Understandably, the family dynamics are strained. We do not have a happy child, neither a happy family. Self-esteem may be at an all-time low, and the resulting family discord is an added stressor.

Let’s not forget about the teenager. Peer relationships are not going well. No one understands them. There is chronic fatigue. Grades are falling as well. And it seems a good idea to try out this pill that a friend is promising will help them relax. 

Fortunately, when faced with these challenging situations, there is a solution that can provide support and guidance to families: Happy Kids Pediatrics. At Happy Kids Pediatrics, we understand the complexities of childhood development and are dedicated to the well-being of children and their families. 

For families with infants experiencing difficulties such as fussiness, feeding problems, and sleep disturbances, Happy Kids Pediatrics offers expert advice and assistance. Our knowledgeable pediatrician can assess the situation, provide guidance on appropriate interventions, and offer reassurance to exhausted parents. By addressing your underlying issues and providing effective strategies, Happy Kids Pediatrics help families navigate these challenging early stages of childhood, promoting healthier and happier environments.

Similarly, for toddlers, preschoolers, students, and teenagers struggling with behavioral and emotional challenges, Happy Kids Pediatrics offers specialized care. Through comprehensive evaluations, personalized treatment plans, and ongoing support, Happy Kids Pediatrics helps children and adolescents overcome obstacles, improve their well-being, and thrive in their social and academic lives. By focusing on early intervention and holistic care, our aim is to restore harmony within the family and boost self-esteem, fostering a positive environment for both the child and their loved ones.

With Happy Kids Pediatrics as a trusted partner, families can find solace and support in times of uncertainty. By addressing the underlying causes of these challenges, we help children reach their full potential and guides families toward a brighter, happier future. 

Visit now and take the first step towards the happiness of your child.

Thank you to our contributor, Dr. Chaudry at Happy Kids Pediatrics!

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