Crafting the Perfect Sip & See: Local Vendors Bring Their Charm

How to Seamlessly Integrate Local Vendors for a Memorable Gathering

By Brittany Marsh, Publisher of Macaroni KID Gardner-Spring Hill-Paola June 6, 2024

A Sip and See party is a delightful way to introduce a newborn to family and friends. This post-birth gathering is a modern twist on traditional baby showers, offering a more relaxed, intimate setting where loved ones can meet the newest addition to the family. 

The name "Sip and See" charmingly captures the essence of the gathering—sip on some refreshing beverages and see the new baby. The ambiance is typically light and easy-going, with a focus on mingling rather than structured activities. Decorations and food can be as simple or elaborate as the hosts desire. It's an inclusive event that can be tailored to fit any family's style and preferences, making it a unique way to honor the significant milestone of welcoming a new member.

Since this is our third child, we decided to skip a baby shower and do a Sip and See celebration instead. I immediately contacted The Yellow Door Event Space and scheduled an in person tour. This charming event space in Olathe was a perfect fit for our intimate gathering. The event space has some all-inclusive package options that include event planning services from The Perfect Party Design. Thata and her team successfully transformed my vision (of boho vibes with neutrals and a vintage spin) and made it a reality. 

Guests mingled and enjoyed the delightful spread of food and drinks, creating a lively and festive atmosphere. The grazing table from The Sharing Board Charcuterie was a true work of art, showcasing an array of cheeses, meats, fruits, and nuts that tempted every palate. The refreshing cucumber-infused water provided by Urban Bounty Farms was a hit. The edible flowers that adorned the wine cooler added a whimsical and charming touch to the setup, making it a feast for both the eyes and the taste buds.  

A self-serve mimosa bar by KC Cocktail Co. added a touch of elegance, allowing guests to mix and match their favorite flavors. While the MackCanvas and Cookie were so adorable that they were almost too precious to eat. As tempting as it was to preserve them as decorations, the irresistible aroma that filled the room always won over, urging you to take a bite.

Laughter filled the air as children ran around playing yard games and jumping in the bounce house. The white flattop adorned with a balloon garland from Avery's Inflatables matched our aesthetic perfectly. 

Overall, a Sip and See offers a warm, loving environment where the joy of the new arrival can be shared and celebrated by all. It's a beautiful tradition that strengthens bonds and creates lasting memories for the family and their cherished circle of friends and relatives. (Tap to view the whole IG reel!)

Choosing local vendors for your events is not only a fantastic way to add unique flair but also supports your community in a meaningful way. When you opt for local suppliers, you're tapping into the heart and soul of your area, bringing authentic experiences that chain or international brands simply can't replicate. It's about creating a memorable event that reflects your personal style along with the talents of business owners in your community.

Venue: The Yellow Door Event Space

Party design and decor: The Perfect Party Design

Bounce house: Avery's Inflatables 

Grazing table: The Sharing Board Charcuterie

Edible flowers: Urban Bounty Farms

Mimosa bar: KC Cocktail Co.

Custom cookies: MackCanvas and Cookie